Terms & Conditions

When a user uses the website www.weelie.com, he accepts the terms and conditions unconditionally, which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Before placing an order at the website, the customer should thoroughly read the product description as well as services mentioned in the sections, along with all the information given in Help and FAQs.
  2. Weelie Pvt Ltd, Cuttack, Odisha owns and manages this website. Whatever information is displayed on the website is only for general use, and is not meant to make advice. Therefore, customers should not rely on this information for making decisions.
  3. All the details regarding the product mentioned on the site, including specifications like color, size, weight, handwork, etc, are fairly accurate measurements. But there can be slight variation in the actual product and the product displayed by the site, since most of the products are handloom and handcraft items.
  4. The products and services available on the website are subject to changes from time to time, for the purpose of providing latest material and information to the clients. Also, the availability and price of the products is subject to being changed at any time without prior notice and these prices are for Internet orders only. They may not indicate the actual selling price of the product in a particular place. The website reserves the right to limit the sales of these products, including prohibition for sale of products to re-sellers. The website, in no way, claims responsibility for photographic or typographic errors.
  5. Silk Sarees, cotton Sarees and designer Sarees showcased on the website should always be dry-cleaned. There is no guarantee of the color of the product by the website.
  6. The user or buyer certifies that he has crossed at least 18 years of age or he is making the purchase with the knowledge as well as consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  7. The information displayed in the name of the company is protected legally by the copyright act and other property laws.
  8. The website is subject to periodic maintenance, updating and change in design. All the content on the site is owned by Weelie Pvt. Ltd. and cannot be published, modified, transferred, sold, reproduced, distributed, re posted, displayed or commercially exploited, by any person in any way.
  9. The website has the right to refuse providing its service to any person and at any time. It can also suspend or cancel it at any point of time, in case it encounters technical problems like computer virus, which can be a threat to its security, or hampers the administration of the service.

The website is not in any way liable for any kind of credit card fraud. The liability of fraudulent use of credit card is totally with the user and he must use only his/her credit card on the website.